Land maintenance in aronia plantation

In field experiments, where three systems were compared (herbicide spraying and inter-row mulching, row spraying and inter-row tillage, whole surface spraying), the best results were obtained when treating the whole surface with herbicides.

In practice, the most commonly used tillage and chemical treatment of the entire surface.

In hilly areas and at the foot of mountains, where erosion can occur, it is advisable to mulch the inter-row area together with the application of herbicides in a row, with rows arranged in accordance with terrain isohypses (this cultivation system is applied in mountainous areas of southern Poland).

The use of herbicides in the chokeberry plantation is similar to that of black currants. However, compared to currants, chokeberry is more resistant to herbicides and usually does not damage the plant.

Mulching - covering the soil with straw, sawdust or tree bark gives good results, but it is relatively expensive due to the large inter-row space.

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