Scientifically proven to be beneficial
the action of chokeberry in athletes

Where does Aronia sport work?

  1. Brain tissue
  2. Oral cavity
  3. Heart and cardiovascular system
  4. Digestive system
  5. Muscles
  6. Joints

Why Aronia Sport products?

High content of nutrients

Aronia Sport

Aronia Sport Pro

  • Vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin p
  • Minerals (optimal balance between sodium and potassium)
  • High content of natural potassium and magnesium necessary for athletes
  • Carbohydrates - a unique formula of various sugars, sorbitol and fiber
  • The largest source of biologically active antioxidants is polyphenols 1 gram per 100 ml of mother juice

Aronia Sport Plus

Aronia Sport - Personal formula


Made for you by a special procedure,
from top natural ingredients,
guarantee the maximum efficiency of bioactive components.

How does the Aronia Sport product work?

Oral cavity

  • Salivation stimulation
  • Antioxidant action in the oral cavity
  • Stimulation of antioxidant enzymes in saliva
  • Antimicrobial action


  • Increased sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin
  • Stimulation of glycogen deposition

Cellular and immune system

  • Stimulation of antioxidant enzymes
  • Helps in hormonal balance in women
  • Reduce the incidence of infections
  • Reducing the hypersensitivity of the immune system - potential in the prevention of allergies

Chronic inflammatory diseases

  • Inhibition of the production of inflammatory substances
  • Suppression of the response of cells involved in inflammatory reactions

Digestive system

  • Stimulation of mucosal immunity
  • Antimicrobial action
  • Prebiotic action
  • Antioxidant action
  • Laxative action

Heart and cardiovascular system

  • Reduction of damage caused by hypoxia / reoxygency
  • Normalization of vascular function
  • Establishing proper blood flow and reducing inflammatory phenomena
  • Prevention of thrombosis and tissue bruising due to injuries
  • Accelerated recovery of muscle and ligament injuries during intensive training

Nervous system

  • Improving cognitive functions and reducing the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases
  • Antioxidant action at the level of nerve cells
Scientific research and publications ARONIA SPORT
  1. Aleksandra Konić Ristić: Influence of plant polyphenols on platelet activation and their aggregation with endothelial cells, blood and malignant cells. Faculty of Pharmacy, defended on July 16, 2013.
  2. Nevena Kardum: Influence of chokeberry juice on oxidative status markers and fatty acid profile in healthy individuals with and without risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Faculty of Pharmacy, topic submitted on September 12, 2013.
  3. Biljana Pokimica: Effect of chokeberry polyphenols on reducing risk factors in cardiofascular patients, defense 2019, Faculty of Biology
  4. Ana Jelenković: Effect of polyphenols from chokeberry-Aronia Sport juice on stress markers and platelet activity in professional athletes, defense 2019 Candidate Faculty of Biology in Belgrade

Publications in international journals

  • Petrović-Oggiano G, Kardum N, Debeljak-Martačić J, Popović T, Takić M, Ranković S, Konić-Ristić A. Chokeberry juice supplementation beneficially affects cardiovascular risk factors in women. Journal of Medicinal Food, submitted
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Announcements at international gatherings

  • Konic-Ristic A, Stanojkovic T, Srdic-Rajic T, Zdunic G, Savikin K, Glibetic M. Anti-proliferative and cell-cycle effects of chokeberry and pomegranate juices on colon cancer cells in vitro. 11th FENS European Nutrition Conference, 26-29th October, 2011, Madrid, Spain. Abstract book, p.364, pp. 27/783 (around 700 hundred participants)
  • Srdic-Rajic T, Konic-Ristic A, Arsić A, Zec M, Stojanović F, Kardum D. Effect of acute intake of Aronia melanocarpa juice on antioxidant status and platelet function-ex vivo study. 11th FENS European Nutrition Conference, 26-29th October, 2011, Madrid, Spain. Abstract book, p.339, pp.27 / 473. (around 700 hundred participants)
  • Konic-Ristic A, Srdic-Rajic T, Arsić A, Djekić Ivanković M, Kardum D, Glibetić M. Effect of long-term consumption of Aronia melanocarpa juice on antioxidant status of patients with metabolic disease. 5th International Conference on Polyphenols and Health, 17-20th October, 2011, Sitges, Spain. Ab. book, pp 509. (around 500 hundred participants)

Announcements at national gatherings with international participation

  • Glibetić M. Beneficial effects of food bioactive compoundsClinical trials design. 2nd FCUB-ERA workshop. 18-19th October 2012, Belgrade - oral presentation (about 100 participants)
  • Konic-Ristic A. From Basic Science and Epidemiological Studies to Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Metabolism Research: Effects of dietary bioactive compounds on platelet function and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 1st Colloque Scientifique Franco-Serbe, 11th June, 2012, Paris, France (50 participants)
  • Konic-Ristic A, Srdić-Rajić T, Arsić A, Djekić Ivanković M, Petrović-Oggiano G, Glibetic M. Beneficial effects of dietary supplement based on chokeberry juice enriched with dietary fiber in patients with metabolic syndrome. Third Congress on Dietary Supplements with International Participation, 25-26. November 2011, Belgrade, Serbia - oral presentation (about 200 participants)
  • Petrović-Oggiano G, Kardum N, Takić M, Popović T, Debeljak-Martačić J, Konić-Ristić A, Glibetić M. The effects of shortterm supplementation with aronia melanocarpa on selected anthropometric and biochemical parameters in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome. Third Congress of Endocrinologists of Serbia with international participation, 6-9. December 2012, Belgrade (about 300 participants)
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